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esiuris AM constitutes, manages, administers and represents financial UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) from its office in Barcelona, where it has a team with extensive experience in financial markets and with direct links to the academic world.

Gesiuris AM is an independent asset management company that provides services to retail clients, large estates and institutions. It offers a wide and varied range of Mutual Funds and SICAVs with different investment policies and styles, all made possible by the broad diversity of its managers who make their investment decisions with total independence.

Our principles



Mutual Funds and SICAV

Investment Principles

Independence in ASSET management

We act solely for the benefit of the client, eliminating possible conflicts of interest:

  • Independence from the sellside, credit institutions and investment banks.
  • Each manager acts with total independence, applying his or her own investment style and strategy.

Investment in traditional financial products

Carry out investment strategies with transparent products traded in regulated markets.

Focus on the client

Offer a wide range of products and investment styles to suit different customer profiles and needs.

Long-term vision

Invest in value and not on the basis of speculation or rumour, with long-term profitability objectives.

* Gesiuris AM Compensation Policy can be found at the following link: Remuneration Policy


Please find in the following the Gesiuris AM’s Sustainability Risk Integration Policy.

Other Services

Gesiuris Asset Management offers tailor-made solutions for entities that wish to outsource their UCITS administration and representation functions, from the calculation of the daily net asset value to complying with the requirements of Spain’s market regulator, the CNMV. It can also act as the designated entity for carrying out risk management and regulatory compliance tasks.

Gesiuris has extensive experience in the administration of the UCITS it itself manages, as well as UCITS managed by other high-level financial institutions.

There are no commercial conflicts of interest as Gesiuris Asset Management does not operate in the field of Private Banking nor does it have a network of resellers.

In addition, Gesiuris AM offers the possibility of contracting a series of additional services such as legal advice for setting up SICAVs, preparing and laying out information sheets and the marketing of UCITS.