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Jordi Borràs Cabacés

Areas of Practice:


Jordi joined Gesiuris’ asset management team in November 2009. He currently manages several emerging markets-focused UCITs. Since beginning his career, Jordi has always worked in financial markets. He was a founding partner of BCN FINANCES AV (1994-1997) and worked at GAESCO BOLSA SV (1997-2008) as an investment fund analyst and portfolio manager. Before joining Gesiuris’ asset management team, Jordi worked in private banking.

He is an economist (with a degree from the University of Barcelona) and a member of EFPA Spain. He holds a postgraduate degree in Financial Information and Advice from IDEC-Barcelona School of Management of Pompeu Fabra University. He has carried out several research studies at the Barcelona-based Institute of Financial Studies (IEF), and in 1997 was assistant professor in the Department of Commercial Law in Barcelona University’s Faculty of Economics (UB).


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